Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The apartment has been primed and painted and the flooring put in. We started moving furniture out there, so its looking like a home! My mom and dad gave us one of their denim couches, and I had some other furniture that we moved in. Now our focus is on the kitchen. I'm so excited to finally be able to decorate.

I keep a stash of fabric that I pick up here and there. My rule is that if there is fabric that I just love I buy it and put it away. Then when I have a project I need fabric for, I have a stash of fabric I love! I have been waiting so long to make these pillows. The floral fabric on the pillow in the middle was something I picked up from our local variety store. They get bolt ends of really nice fabric, so I love shopping for fabric there. The red and white checked pillow, I used two napkins. The other floral pillow I made from a vintage feed sack. I found the feed sack at one of our antique store escapades. It was only $5 dollars! These three pillows are covers for feather pillows that I already had.

This little pillow cover I really didn't make. I had bought a Moda tablecloth and they come in these little pouches. So I thought I would use the pouch for a pillow!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The rain has stopped but its still dreadfully dreary out....oh well we needed the rain it was really dry out. Its spring break so Chris and I are pretty busy, we are both working quite a bit. Caitlin and I babysit today. In between the rain showers we were able to take the babies for a bike ride. They loved it and even fell asleep!

Its a little belated but I wanted to thank everyone who posted a comment on Rednesday! I enjoyed reading all of them.