Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Bliss....

The simple delights of summer...

All through the winter I dream of the day when I can hang my collection of tablecloths on the line. Today was that day! It may seem silly but its peaceful the way the breeze sweeps through and takes them for a ride.

I was finally able to make curtains for my kitchen window, I couldn't wait to hang them up. That was another dream of mine, to open my window and let them sway in the breeze ( quite like hanging tablecloths on the line).

I love reading a good book in the summer, especially on a quilt in the shade. Or taking a drive in the country with the windows down. Packing a picnic and going on an adventure. Taking walks and listening to the songs the birds sing. Spending the day at the beach. Going barefoot and the grass tickling your toes. These are a few of the things that make summer so blissful. Ya gotta love the Simple Life.

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