Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend Treasures!

First of all I am sorry how long its been since the last post...this is such a busy time of year.

This past weekend a friend, my mom and I had quite thee adventure. We went antiquing at a few places and then a craft show. I found a few things at one of the antique stores. The little apple scrub brush holder, the curtains with the rooster on them with all the bright colors and the little hankie trimmed in green. On the ride home, we had seen what we thought were little dogs on the side of the road. As we came closer we realized that they were actually two little piglets. We decided to turn around because we thought we knew where they might belong but by the time we had done that and I got out of the vehicle they had split. On the sides of the road the grass was soaring. There was a little path where the grass was laying down that led to a swampy wooded area. I didn't dare step into the tall grass because of what might be hiding in it. So I got back into the car and we were off....until we seen a sign for an estate sale. I had never been to an estate sale before, but I have wanted too. That's where I found the book of kitchen hints, the red strawberry towel, the tin tray and the chair. (I wish I would of taken "before" and "after" shots of the chair and tray.) All I did to the tray is paint the middle with chalk board paint and then add a magnet to the back so I could stick it to my fridge for a message board. The chair was another story. It was really grubby, you could tell that it had been in the basement for a long time. The legs were covered in rust and the seat was dirty and cracked. I was so eager to work on the chair I forgot to take pictures. The original color of the chair was yellow. The first thing I did was spray paint the legs with a metallic paint. Then I had Chris take it apart so I could spray paint the metal seat part. I decided red would work best with the fabric I had for the seat. Then I covered over the back rest with the buffalo checked fabric. I had to put new padding on the seat. Then I did the same as the back rest. Everything at the sale was 50% off so I only paid $2.50 for the chair. The fabric, spray paint and padding were all around the house!


  1. I absolutely loved your post! I really enjoyed reading about all of your antique findings and the amazing changes you did to the chair and the tray. It all looks amazing and very cute!

  2. hello love, i cant find messaging on here so ill send you a comment, how have you been?! its been far too long. and a giant CONGRATULATIONS!